Update... Feb 13, 2009

Holy Guacamole... it has been a long time!!!! There is so much going on and so much to catch up on, but really I just want to do my V-day rant. Who's with me?

Those who know me, and those who don't and have just read the stuff on this blog... know that I do NOT... I repeat, NOT like Valentine's Day. I really do believe that it is just so commercialized, more than Christmas, more than Mother's Day, more than Father's Day, more than all of the Barack Obama comemorative collectible crap that they are selling on TV! Do I really need a plate that has Barack's picture on it, telling me that he's president? And I can get this plate, complete with stand, that is numbered and collectible for only $49.95!!! Or two easy payments of $19.95 plus shipping and handling (of course).

By the why you may have noticed, that I called him simply "Barack" in this last little ditty... we are on a first name basis. You spend a trillion dollars of my money, and I get to call you by first name. That's right George... it goes for you too! I am going to start shopping exclusively in the Prestonwood area, and if I run into George or Laura, I am going to call them by first name and ask them how my money is doing! Back to back trillion dollar spending... and the economy still sucks. It is the definition of idiocy... keep doing the same thing expecting a different result. We keep throwing a trillion at a time at our problems thinking... "Now this trillion is make a difference! I know there are nay-sayers out there, but really I know the last trillion didn’t work, but this one will. Once we throw this trillion into the economy Main Street America will have money flowin' down it like the Mississippi!". Whoa, I guess the only thing today that can really get me fired up more than Valentine's Day is the economy... so let's get back to Valentine's day, before steam starts coming out of my ears.

Over the past three decades that I have been around I have seen a lot of Valentine’s day cheer and misery. I have been the little girl that came to school with a basket full of cards ready to proudly hand them out, only to notice that everyone else brought cards AND candy. It isn’t until now that I really realize what had gone one. I had spent an entire evening filling out “To:” and “From:” and valentine’s for all the kids in my class, I had sacrificed going outside to play, having a second helping of dinner, and not watching the latest episode of “Moonlighting” in order to be able to GIVE something to all of my classmates, and then feeling ashamed b/c what I had to offer wasn’t as good as what everyone else had. The crazy part is that I actually felt bad because I didn’t have the gold, frankincense and myrrh… I was the little drummer boy, when you come from a family of eight kids (unless you’re the favorite) you are always the little drummer boy. But I actually felt badly about it… what?!?!? I should have grabbed the lollipop that I had glued to my valentine and said “Tell your mom ‘thanks’ and that for future notice Cherry is my favorite flavor”. Ugh! Commercialization.

Now I have participated in this tradition… last year I broke down. I had been dating Chris about six months in January. I had come back in town from being Canada for work, we were sitting on the couch at my house. I was eating my first bite of Taco Bueno, and when you have been in Canada… that first bite of Taco Bueno is like getting into bed with fresh clean sheets… it is the best of the familiar! Chris looked at me and said, “Valentine’s Day is about a month a way, we should plan something!” His big blue eyes were flashing, he looked completely excited and thrilled at the notion. And so what did I say in return as I looked it him, his heart swelling with excitement! I said, in a pretty flat tone, “I don’t do Valentine’s Day, we aren’t doing anything.” Then I shoved another of my mexi-dips and chips in my mouth and turned back to the TV. Yep, that happened. I looked at him a moment or two later (at my next bite, God those chips are good, I could go for some right now) and he looked deflated. He looked almost sad, he looked like the little boy that had brought a puppy home, and then puppy loved him, the puppy was playing with him, the puppy was licking his face, and the puppy loved him. I took the puppy… the puppy was gone and Chris was suffering the loss of the puppy, and the idea that his valentine didn’t do Valentine’s Day!

I felt bad about it. Really bad. Bad enough that the next day, I decided to do something.

I had a great time with it last year, I loved planning it out and the execution of it (thanks to Elizabeth) was flawless. So, as you can see… I can be romantic, but in these economic times I would rather do it on my own terms. Like, when I get paid or when a bonus check comes in or when Ed McMahon comes over with a check the size of my car from the Publisher’s Clearing House! I think having a day like Valentine’s day isn’t necessary… you should be romantic in your own way, on your own time, on your own agenda, because after alll… it’s on your own dime!!!!

Why should you go to Jarod (The Gallery of Fine Jewelry) isn’t there a credit crisis going on? What on earth would your beloved do with a Vermont Teddy Bear? And since when did Vermont become the teddy bear capitol of USA? If Chris bought me a teddy bear, I would really wonder about his opinion of me.

Here is the alternative… I like the idea of if we are going to do this, then let’s pump some money back into the economy. Let’s have people start spending some money. My suggestion? Fast food gift cards!!! Now, personally… I would want Taco Bueno! Did you hear that Chris? Taco. Bueno.

Why fast food gift cards, because most fast food establishments employ high school age kids and young adults. You pay them a salary… it gets immediately spend on iPods, cool clothes, gas, other fast food, cheap restaurants, etc. The money they get paid immediately goes back into the economy. They spend people!!! So, my spending with them creates more spending. Where if you spend money on a diamond bracelet, that guy is most likely going to take his profit right now and save it! He isn’t even going to be putting into his 401K, people aren’t doing that right now. The only difference between my 401K balance and my nine year old niece’s savings account balance, is that her balance will increase with every deposit!!! That kid looks like a genius!

Take it from me… let’s give the gift of food and stimulate the economy!

Peace, love, and mexi-dips and chips!

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